The Villages – A Golfer’s Paradise

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The Villages – Golfer’s Paradise

the villages golfer's paradise

The Villages Executive Course, Heron

Retirement and a golfer’s paradise? That’s The Villages. Situated deep into the heart of Florida between two coastlines, you will find the most exotic collection of retirement communities, The Villages. The Villages sounds like the backdrop for an M. Night Shyamalan movie. It’s not, and once you shake off the potential creepiness from the name, you will realize that The Villages is a golfer’s paradise.

People call it ‘Florida’s Friendliest Hometown,’ offering a diverse range of amenities, including pools, clubs, lakes, parks, and restaurants. But what makes this hometown genuinely stand out is The Villages Golf Courses. The Villages is a golfer’s paradise.

What makes The Villages a golfer’s paradise? Read on and find out!

The Villages includes 50 golf courses. That’s 711 holes. Challenge accepted!

The Villages Golf Courses

The Villages encompass more than fifty golf courses. Yes, you read that correctly, fifty golf courses. I am looking forward to retirement just writing that. For those golf nerds out there, that is seven hundred eleven holes. Now, that is a challenge! If that isn’t a golfer’s paradise, I am not sure what is.

Each golf course features unique designs and magical views. You can play at a beginner’s level, try to beat your previous score, or spend a good golf day with your friends while enjoying nature’s beauty. The vibe of playing at those expansive golf courses is something worth experiencing in life.

Now, let’s break down the golfing facilities available at The Villages. This way, you can be strategic with where you play when you visit. There are thirteen championship golf courses, forty-two golf courses, two short game courses, and three instructional golf academies.

Championship Golf Courses

the villages golfer's paradise

Cane Garden Championship Course

Are you up for the challenge of playing golf on some tough courses? If yes, the championship courses of The Villages are the best places to be. In addition, there are three 18-hole and ten 27-hole courses for you to choose from. So, if you are looking for that extra challenge, the 27-hole courses are where you should play.


The ten 27-hole courses are each unique. You can’t go wrong playing on any of them.

Aren’t feeling the 27-hole courses? Don’t worry these three 18-hole courses are challenging enough. 

The residents of The Village automatically become members of all their country club facilities. At these well-kept golf courses, you will find golf shops, restaurants, and super-friendly staff to cater to all your queries.


Are you interested in a little friendly competition? As a member, you are eligible to participate in this event on the championship courses if you are a priority member or have a current Villages GHIN handicap membership. Tuesdays are reserved for men, while Wednesdays are ladies’ days so members can register accordingly. 

You must pay an entry fee of $2.00 must be paid at the time of play. Let the best person win!

Executive Golf Courses

the villages golfer's paradise

El Diablo, The Villages Executive Course

Playing on a standard gold course can be quite time-consuming, but this is where the executive golf courses come in. They are the perfect option for you when you are short on time but still in the mood to enjoy some golf time.

You can play the courses in the executive gold courses for a shorter time frame. They have low-par holes that speed up a golf round significantly. These holes are mostly par-3, but you can also find par-4 or par-5 holes in the mix.

The Villages holds a gorgeous collection of forty-two executive golf courses surrounded by intensely scenic views. These golf courses are open almost annually, except for a few days scheduled for maintenance.

Difficulty Level

The executive golf courses are ranked based on the difficulty level of play. One is the friendliest, so if you are learning how to play or brushing up on your game, these are your best option. A ranking of four is the most challenging. You can (and should!) be proud of yourself if you start at a ranking of one and work your way up to a ranking of four.

The Executive Golf Courses at the Villages are ranked from one to four based on the difficulty of play. One being the least difficult and four being the most difficult. 

Here is a breakdown of the courses by difficulty ranking:

Popular Executive Courses

Here are some features of popular executive golf courses at The Villages.

the villages golfer's paradise

The Amberwood

At Level Four Amberwood, you can experience the challenging back tees bordered by magnificent Oaks at Amberwood’s executive golf course. The Bacall, with its vast and open design, includes expertly positioned tees suitable for all skill levels of golf lovers.

With elevated tees and uneven greens, El Diablo is one of the most challenging executive courses in The Villages golf line-up. However, for die-hard nature lovers, the executive golf course of Heron is no less than a dream. It meanders through the southern shores of Lake Miona, where you can spot bald eagles, hawks, squirrels, and even alligators!

There is no green fee for residents to play on executive courses. However, they must pay a Trail Fee for using a golf car on the golf courses. This fee can be paid per round, semi-annually, or annually.

The earliest tee time you can book is 7:02 a.m. at sunrise in the summer months, and the latest you can play is thirty minutes before dusk.

Golfing Paradise – Guests at The Villages

I know what you are thinking, that you aren’t a resident and aren’t able to play The Villages and experience golfer’s paradise. Well, you’re mistaken. Guests can play at the executive golf courses by registering and paying.

Accompanied Guests

Guests can accompany residents for a game at any time of the week except the days designated for club events and activities. But this requires a reservation of at least fourteen days in advance and a consideration for prevailing guest rates.

Unaccompanied Guest Program

the villages golfer's paradise

Belle Glade Championship Course

Residents can also host guests for a game without actually having to accompany them. However, they must arrange with retail golf outlets seven days in advance and give the management relevant information about their guest group.

Friends and Family Guest Program

The members of The Villages can reserve tee times at reduced rates on weekends and holidays to play with their family and friends. These reduced rates can be availed at noon during winters and around 1 p.m. in summers. Unaccompanied guests are not included in this program.

Sponsored Guest Program

The Village residents who are not interested in golf or do not play anymore can invite other people to play on The Village golf courses any day of the week. All they must do is register their guests through the sponsored guest program.

The guests registered under this program can then book tee times at their convenience. However, you must make reservations seven days in advance.

Why are you waiting?

Visit The Villages, a golfer’s paradise, and have an experience of a lifetime!

Have you played at The Villages? Let us know what you thought in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

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